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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  February 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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"nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we'll begin with the first alert forecast with bill henley. yesterday we were in the 40s, but that's a distant memory now. 47 degrees yesterday, but that was a one-day deal. we are back to the cold this morning with temperatures falling. and we do have clouds overhead. that's actually helping to keep the temperatures in the 30s right now, but those clouds are not going to last. we'll see the wind kick in and clear out this warmer air that we're seeing right now. 34 degrees in philadelphia. it's already below freezing for pottstown. allentown now in the 20s. and it's falling. so get ready for a cold day. 30 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00 down to 24. and then 25 degrees will feel like it's in the teens at lunchtime today. the temperatures come down even more this afternoon. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten but right now we'll go to first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning to you, bill. so far so good on the majors in
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delaware. this is route 1 right at christiana road. we have two breaking news situations impact traffic right now. in west kensington we have the overturned vehicle at north 2nd street at diamond street. take american as your alternate. and we have a barricade situation with route 13 closed at levittown park waichlt levittown parkway is closed near spur lane at route 13. and right now the standoff continues in bucks county with a suspect and the police in the standoff. the suspect is on the roof of a gun shop happening at a business called mike's gun shop on levittown parkway as jillian showed us in tullytown. katy zachry is live from the scene. katy have police made progress in getting to the guy who is on the roof there? >> reporter: yeah at this time
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at last check, no. we are a good distance away from mike's gun shop which is right across levittown parkway where this is all happening. the closest cross street is bristol pike. so people in the area of levittown parkway and bristol pike are told not to leave their homes at this hour for their safety. but the police chief tells me around 2:00 this morning, mike's gun shop was broken into. his officers arrived on the scene to find a suspect on the roof. now, there are about 50 officers right now who have set up a pretty large perimeter in this area. but this time of day, the darkness we're dealing with right now is working against police who are having a trouble keeping an eye on the suspect because of the dark. >> we are pretty confident that he's still on the roof. so we have contacted the s.w.a.t. team the s.w.a.t. team brought negotiators and we're continuing to try to get ahold of this individual and hopefully resolve this pretty quickly. >> reporter: do you know if he's
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armed? >> we're not sure. >> reporter: so still some key information that investigators are trying to ascertain. i'm also told by the police chief who you just heard from in the next hour or so they will make a decision about whether or not to cancel school for kids in this area because of their safety. reporting live in tullytown, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." 5:33. now to more breaking news philadelphia police are searching for a driver who hit several parked cars and then ran away. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in west kensington. what happened here? >> reporter: tracy, right now a tow truck has arrived on the scene and they are getting ready to right the toyota rav-4 in the middle of north 2nd near diamond. once it is on all four wheels then the tow truck can pull it out of the way and police can hopefully open the intersection. the officer on the scene said this happened before 4:00. the female driver of the rav-4 came south on 2nd ran into the
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ford f-150 parked on the left-side of the screen, damaged that vehicle and rolled the rav-4. right now they are trying to right the vehicle, tow it out of here and hopefully open the street. we also have people coming on the scene. we are not sure if they are connected to the woman driving or not, but i'm looking into that and will have more for you in the next 30 minutes or so. live in west kensington, jesse gary, nbc 10 us in. fire officials are trying to figure out what started an overnight fire in wildwood as crews were called to arctic avenue at 12:30. the fire officials say the house is a total loss. happening today, the governor of florida begins a two-day trip to philadelphia trying to convince businesses to leave pennsylvania. governor rick scott is trying to convince local companies to buy a one-way ticket to the sunshine state. he says florida has no state income tax and a lower tax rate than pennsylvania. governor tom wolf's office says this is all just a political stunt. some local leaders are accusing
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governor scott of grandstanding. and we have learned pennsylvania lawmakers will talk about changing the state's liquor laws. reports say some delaware county lawmakers want to change that law that makes it illegal to buy alcohol out of state and bring it back to pennsylvania. other states have said this hurts pennsylvania businesses. and a hearing tonight over the future of a delaware county farmer's market will occur, rather the montgomery county farmer's market. the owner of the flower market in springfield township will close that market impacting a dozen vendors. the community and vendors are fighting back to show support for the market. they have an online petition to keep it open. happening today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter will encourage local businesses to hire more people this summer. this afternoon mayor nutter plans to announce a goal of 10,000 summer job opportunities for philadelphia's youth. running out of time. the department of homeland security will run out of funding this week if congress doesn't do something fast. we'll tell you what that would
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mean for national security if the agency runs out of money. a cold start this morning. it will get colder and we're tracking light snow up to western chester county right now. right now it's 33 degrees at 5:36.
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a cold start this morning and the temperatures are falling at this hour because of the steady wind that is blowing. the winds are going to stay with us throughout the day. the temperatures well, this is as warm as it's going to be all day. 34 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the northwest at 8 miles an hour producing a few snow showers in lancaster and chester county and a few snowflakes moving into montgomery county. that's the cold air that's coming in producing the light snow showers. those won't last and neither will the temperatures right now. by 1:00 this afternoon, 22 in
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doylestown. 24 in northeast philadelphia. as we go into the late afternoon and early evening hours, look at the teens for doylestown pottstown. 21 in wilmington and philadelphia. a blast of cold air moving in. the snow showers will disappear. the clouds will clear out, but it's a cold wind blowing that will keep our temperatures in the low to mid-20s this afternoon. and a record cold on the way for tonight. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. all right, bill. 5:39. we have two breaking news stories that impact traffic. now we're getting word of an accident in magnolia camden county. >> we'll find out about that now with jillian mele. >> good morning. we can't see anything just yet but are hearing this is a serious accident at route 30 near white horse pike at evesham avenue. we'll bring you a live picture soon but we have two allternate routes. atlantic avenue and somerdale
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road. i'll bring you more coming up. and happening today, work continues on three bridges over the schuylkill river. officials say the drivers should expect minor disruptions. the work continues through the end of the week. and getting pulled over by the police may cost you more than just a ticket. new this morning, the impact your insurance policy will see and where you live makes a big difference in what you pay. plus the plan for your tax money. the two big issues to take center stage when new jersey governor chris christie lays out his budget for the year.
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5:43. we are following two breaking news stories right now. police are still in a standoff with a burglary suspect who is on top of the roof of a gun shop. now our camera here is some distance away because police want everyone far away from the scene there, but police are still trying to determine if the suspect is armed. at any rate they know he's on the roof of mike's gun shop and are in a standoff with roads closed and people being told to stay inside their homes. we're following that and also following a situation in west kensington where soon we are told a tow truck will be there to remove this suv that crashed earlier this morning. the driver losing control
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crashing into some vehicles parked on 2nd street. north 2nd street is closed at diamond street in west kensington. today marks one week since this building in west philadelphia became frozen over in ice. and this morning there are still fears that the scene could come falling down any minute. the ice encases the medical building on locust street after firefighters doused it to put out a fire last monday. neighbors have taken to calling the place the ice palace. the officials are still looking for a company to take it down. there is a fence set up around it but neighbors say it's not big enough. >> i'm worried if it falls it's going to the other side of the street. i'm worried that they don't have this whole street blocked off. >> we tried to contact the realty owner but at this point we have not heard back from them. today president obama will meet with some of the nation's governors in town for a
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conference. tom wolf and chris christie were in washington this weekend for the winter meeting. and when congress returns to washington later this morning, lawmakers will debate a new budget for the department ofw oj homeland security. vai sikahema is live in the digital operations center to tell us what will happen if the budget is not approved on time. tell us more. >> basically, the government is going to give up everything from fighting terrorists and snowplows in some communities. the clock is ticking for lawmakers to come to an agreement. and the homeland security secretary jay johnson is warning that a shutdown of his department would threaten the nation's ability to fight off terrorist groups like isis here at home. 30,000 workers will be furloughed if funding runs out. the rest of the workers, 85%, would be required to show up but would not get paid. now the money is in limbo because the republicans refuse to fund homeland security without rolling back president
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obama's executive action on immigration. we'll continue to monitor the situation. live in the digital operations center vai sikahema nbc 10. and new jersey governor chris christie lays out his 2016 budget this week. governor christie will deliver his budget speech tomorrow. the two big issues he's expected to address are the state's public pension system heavily in debt and the transportation trust fund which will run out of money by july 1st unless something changes. christie has opposed raising taxes to replenish the fund. administration officials are proposing eliminateing 300 support and teaching positions. they will meet at the administration building. the worst of the flu season is now behind us. according to the cdc, flu cases have dropped to much lower levels. flu season peaked in january and the cdc says this is a bad season especially for the elderly and people over the age of 65 that were hospitalized at
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their highest rate since the agency began tracking flu numbers nine years ago. and people in delaware will have a chance to weigh in on proposed rules aimed at watching over animal shelters. officials will let the public get involved during today's hearing in dover and the proposed regulations are intended to protect animals in shelters across delaware and increase their opportunity for adoption. the new rules would also come up with requirements for animal euthanasia. speaking of pets there is free help for philadelphia residents struggling to keep their pets warm this winter. >> the weekend the animal control team of philadelphia offered straw bedding to residents who care for outdoor animals. the straw repels moisture and helps the animal stay warm. now this is the first winter in philadelphia that dog owners or pet owners can be fined for failing to provide proper shelter for their pets. the u.s. coast guard has been hard at work this morning trying to break up the ice on the delaware river. they shared this video of the coast guard cutter cleat that is
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equipped to break ice up to 18 inches thick. and here is a creative way to measure the snowfall. a man in frederick, maryland came up with an idea to track the snowfall there. instead of a ruler, he broke out the cabernet and used a wine bottle to show how much snow piled up there to the top of the bottle. about 12 inches in frederick, maryland. >> i was tweeting over the weekend with my ruler. now i'm going to get really creative. >> it's not the proper temperature to serve it at though. way too cold for a cabernet. >> put a bottle of campaign out there. it will be cold tonight. nothing should be outside tonight with temperatures plummeting into the single digits. we're looking at record cold temperatures for tomorrow morning. this morning it's not too bad. the wind is blowing and that's going to bring temperatures down as the day goes on. and sunshine we will see as the
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day goes on. right now we're tracking a few snowflakes in the area. currently in philadelphia, we're still in the 30s. you can see the clouds overhead. those clouds will be clearing out during the day. 34 degrees in philadelphia. a northwesterly wind at 8 miles an hour. there have been a few scattered showers in the pocano mountains. now this chester and bucks county, they are on the verge of seeing a few snowflakes this morning. down to 33 degrees in wilmington. trenton at 32. the colder temperatures have taken hold in chester county. westchester at 31 degrees. 29 in glenmore where we start to see snowflakes. phoenixville, 31 degrees. the radar shows the snow is moving in quickly. west vincent is seeing the light snowfall. the first snowflakes are likely not hitting the ground but you'll see some light snow. and this could be falling onto icy surfaces. that's an especially slippery
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condition. we won't see the snow all day and we won't see the clouds. they will be clearing out. actually, they will be blowing out of here by a blast of cold air that's going to allow temperatures to drop into the single digits overnight. so standby for another round of record cold. this evening we'll be in the teens in philadelphia. that's 7:00 this evening. watch what happens overnight heading into tomorrow morning. at this hour we'll be looking for single digits to zero degrees for doylestown and allentown. what is a little better here than just the other day is that the wind will be dying down too. so this is just going to be plain old cold tonight. cold wind blowing during the day, clearing skies with temperatures falling this afternoon. 20s at best. and then it gets colder tonight. we'll be in the single digits tomorrow morning. sunshine will be bright 24. tomorrow afternoon after a morning of record cold. warmer on wednesday but another round of cold for thursday and friday. this sunday we are back into the 40s. but wet weather returns, too, to
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look like rain. ten minutes before 6:00 right now. this is some more pretty cool video. here is this weekend's storm. an nbc 10 viewer shared this video plowing his family driveway. and he says the jeep has been keeping the driveway clear for the last 30 years. and the next time it shows, make sure you show your weather video pictures with us on our website or our nbc 10 app. that's pretty cool. >> we have a lot of creativity out there and on the roadways as well. we have a couple issues out there for sure. jillian will get you around them. >> three issues right now. starting off in magnolia white horse pike near evesham avenue we have a serious avenue with a paragrapher on the way to the scene. take atlantic avenue or somerdale road. west kensington north 2nd street at diamond street. jesse gary has been at the scene
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of this accident involving an overturned vehicle all morning long. he just sent me a text message saying the vehicle has been towed out but the road is still shut down. take american street as your alternate there. in bucks county this is the big issue, tullytown, we have a police standoff happening. route 13 is closed at lefttown parkway. levittown parkway is closed between spur lane and route 13. a lot of local closures in the area. take mill creek parkway or haines road to get around the problem. 5:52. new this mo a report just released shows how much your insurance rates will adjust if you get a ticket. it is the commission by insurance website. it found that the state where you live can affect how much a violation impacts your insurance rates. take a look at this a state-by-state breakdown for a speeding ticket, for drivers in delaware the violation will increase your rate by 43%.
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new jersey 37%. and pennsylvania is 14%. and if you're caught driving under the influence, your rates could increase by 112% if you live in jersey. 72% in delaware. 55% in pennsylvania. to see more categories on how much tickets will increase your insurance, go to the nbc 10 app or from moving violations to parking violations you know you expect the parking authority to ticket your vehicle if you park in the wrong spot in philadelphia. but after a viewer shows us a ticket written by police, we started to dig deeper into a questionable citation to end up on your windshield. harry hairston has a first look. >> reporter: parking is not easy in philadelphia. justin rizio thought he had a good thing on queen street. >> this used to be free all day parking. >> reporter: until he got this ticket but he was not sure exactly what it was for. violation code didn't make a lot of sense. and what the officer wrote led to more questions, questions no
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one wanted to answer. >> he wrote down two completely different things so i had no idea what i was getting a ticket for. >> i think perhaps clarity is in order here. >> reporter: today at 4:00 we dig deeper and ask questions about a parking violation given to more than 700 drivers. for the investigators, harry hairston "nbc 10 news." >> and this morning there's one movie everyone is talking about, even if they have not seen it. a small film with a very big night. we'll take a look at the big winners from this year's academy awards. wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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nt a huge night at the academy awards for a small film "birdman." it brought home four awards including the most presstigious award for best film. julianne moore won along with patricia arquette for "boyhood." do you believe in miracles?
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the u.s. hockey team miracle in ice was decked out in red, white and blue. can you believe it's been 35 years? the miracle on ice team reunited for the first time since that game. a huge roar of applause after a full weekend of dancing at penn state that raised millions for charity. hundreds of students took part in penn state's dance marathon known as thon over the weekend. this is why they applauded so loudly more than $13 million for speedpediatric research and care. $13 million. >> i know people who danced in it and now their children have danced in it. >> by the way, the miracle on ice, i watched it in high school with my football buddies. we didn't know what we were
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watching if you can imagine that. >> still the standard for upset stories and stories that united the country. that's still the standard right there. >> it's amazing. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. now breaking news a gun shop standoff with a barricade situation that has been going on for four hours. police are telling people to stay in their homes and roads in the area are closed because of this standoff. we are also following breaking news in west kensington where a driver slammed into a parked car and ran off. we'll take you there live. and a new poll overnight. burnt out remains are all that's left of this home in cape may county. now investigators are digging to find out what caused that fire. and the spring fling is over. another arctic blast is now on the way. we have you covered. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. boy, the last 48 hours have been a roller-coaster ride that
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doesn't look like will end. good morning to you, bill henley. good morning. temperatures are coming down. the blast of cold air is moving in from the northwest creating a few snow showers this morning. some of the western suburbs are seeing it in lancaster, chester county and southern burkes county. and now into montgomery county as we have very light snowfall. that's not going to last. and neither will the temperatures. 34 in philadelphia. 27 in reading. the 20s are now 24 in allentown. we'll see the 20s arriving in philadelphia this morning. by 7:00 this morning we'll be down to 30. and then the middle 20s for 9:00 and noon with a cold wind blowing to bring temperatures even low they are afternoon. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten. but right now we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning to you, bill. our photographer just got to this scene of this serious accident in magnolia i've been telling you about. take a look at this accident involving an


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